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Best ones

I've tried three different probiotics the past three months trying to find the best one for me and this is the one. It was such a huge difference with bloating & gas after I started these that I felt like a new person. The second one I tried didn't seem to do anything & the third seemed to do well until I got to the bottom of the bottle where it seemed to lose its potency (I kept them refrigerated). So in short, I would definitely recommend these if you have problems with bloating & gas.

K. Weber

Only need 1 a day!

I love that it is so potent , I only need to take only 1 a day. it works great. I dont feel so bloated or sluggish any more!

Amazed me

Got my digestion back on track!

These probiotics have helped me get my good digestion back after I was finished taking prescribed antibiotics in just 1 week! I'm still taking them and noticing that I feel better; calm stomach, no heartburn, normalized stools, no bloating, and I can tolerate all kinds of foods. The fact that it has 13 strains means a lot because that means it has many different kinds of healthy gut flora bacteria. I have experienced taking 14 and 20 Billion CFU but didn't notice much difference in health. Pristine Probiotics with 50 Billion CFU is what my system needed. It's a strong probiotic and you can feel the difference almost instantly. And to everyone who thinks that all probiotics need to be refrigerated, I've got news: today's advanced technology makes probiotics made to be stable at room temperature! So if this bottle doesn't say anything about refrigeration, than it's not needed. Trust the makers of the label! All in all, I'd give this probiotic an A+!


A friend recommended that I start taking this probiotic before I went...

A friend recommended that I start taking this probiotic before I went overseas in an effort to keep my GI tract functioning normally while I traveled and sampled the local cuisine. It worked wonderfully. I plan to continue taking it daily.



I started using this Probiotics about a week ago and I feel healthier and energetic. It really improved my appetite and digestive system and I am so thankful to myself buying this product. It really works and you will notice the change in a short time. If you have digestive or appetite problems, here is the product you need. Definitely I will buy more and recommend to everyone.


Life saver for my IBS issues

I've been having IBS issues and my Dr. recommended trying probiotics to help balance out the bacteria in my gut. I was skeptical at first but after just a few days of taking these probiotics...I fell like a new woman! No more running to the bathroom and I just feel better all around! Who knew that probiotics could make such a difference!!! Highly recommended.


But I have to say these are by far the best I've tried so far

Firstly I have tried many probiotics in the past because I am a firm believer in the importance of gut health. I suffer from IBS and bloating & I find it helps to take probiotics. But I have to say these are by far the best I've tried so far. After just a few days my bloating has subsided and so has my IBS! No wonder it is Doctor recommended.


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